Jason Zook’s Future: The best investment I’ve ever made.

Jason Zook’s Future: The best investment I’ve ever made.

Published by Patrick Griffith on Mar 26, 2017

If you know me then you know that I don’t promote other people’s things. Ever. Because ick.

Heck, I barely promote my own things. Each blog post I write earns one email. Each piece of software I release earns a handful of Tweets to go along with that one email. And that’s that. There’s no remarketing of old posts or software.

This is to my own demise. I’d be more “successful” if I was better at promoting. But whatever. I don’t want to. So I don’t. Because once upon a time there was a guy named Jason Zook, and from him I learned that I don’t have to do business the way that everyone else does. I can make my own rules. So I do. Success is what I want it to be, not what I’m told it should be.

As much as I don’t like sales, though, and as much as I like to brag about the sweet rules that I make... I can’t never sell.

So here it is. Bear with me as I’m out of practice. But make no mistake, I’m about to sell the crap out of you.

I’m about to convince you to buy Jason Zook’s future. If you read the rest of this post you will make the purchase. My selling muscles have been resting for the past few years, getting strong and healthy for just this moment. You’re free to try to resist them. Good luck.

I Like Jason More than Money

This year Jason decided to give existing Buy My Future members 33% of each sale we could generate. So if you follow my sound logic from above, I’d make $660 for each person who reads this post.

But do you want to hear a funny story? I hope so, because I’m in a story-telling mood. No? Would it help if it’s a super short story? Okay great. Here it is:

I’m not using Jason’s affiliate link. Nor am I getting compensated in any other way, other than with happiness. To be fair, though, I am a pretty big fan of happiness. It’s one of my favorite things. So to say that I have zero incentive to make this sales pitch would be unscrupulous.

Raise your hand if you like money. Ok great. I see four hands (out of five total blog readers so that’s a pretty good ratio). This may come as a shock to you, but I also like money. Not as much as happiness. But more than lemonade. And not the overly sweetened, chemically-tasting lemonade, but the good, authentic stuff.

So if I like money then I should use Jason’s affiliate link and make a mediocre amount of it, right? As I’m sure you realize, my astute reader, that was a rhetorical question. Sometimes I ask those as part of a strategy to make a point.

See, when I first started writing this post (about 4 minutes ago as of right now, which I’ll touch on in another few minutes) I was planning on using the affiliate link. Less than three hours ago, in fact, I was asking Jason if the first cookie or last cookie wins (nerdy affiliate lingo). I was primed to make some money!

But then as the words started appearing in front of me I came across an unexpected dilemma. What is my primary objective for writing this post? Is it to grow BMF, to support Jason, and to thank him for all that he has done for me and others like me? Or is it to make money?

There is no high-horse riding going on here. There’s zero wrong with the latter being the primary objective. But for me, right now, it just isn’t.

Because supporting and thanking BMF is so strongly my primary objective I unfortunately can’t pursue my secondary objective. At all. Because if I did - if there was even a single affiliate link in this post - then there would be at least a seed of doubt in your brain as to the authenticity of what I’m saying.

I can’t accept that seed of doubt. Not this time. Because there are a few people in your life for whom you don’t make compromises. Your spouses. Your kids. Your parents. Your best friends. And your Jason Zooks.

What is Jason Zook’s Future

First of all, it’s not actually Jason Zook’s future.

This year, for the first time ever, Jason Zook and Caroline Zook are selling both of their futures together. Previously it was Buy My Future (BMF) with just Jason. Now it’s Buy Our Future (BOF) with both of them.

I’m stoked to hopefully get to know Caroline better. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about her, and also about her Better Branding Course.

I know very little about Caroline, though. And I’ve only ever experienced BMF. Never BOF. So for those two reasons I’m only pitching Jason’s future to you here. I don’t doubt the value of Caroline’s future, but, at least at this time, I feel that it’d be inauthentic for me to speak about it.

Edit: In the two weeks between writing this and publishing it I've noticed a hell of a lot of Caroline in the Slack channel being wicked helpful and such. I think good things are to come ;)

And now back to the question. What is Jason Zook’s future?

It’s access to every course, product or piece of software that Jason has ever created in the past in addition to everything he ever will create in the future. Whether that’s new software or a line of luxury sports cars; if he makes it, you get it. At no extra cost (after the initial $2,000 investment).

But that’s not the reason to buy it.

The 3 Real Reasons You Should Buy Jason Zook’s Future

  1. The community.
  2. Access to Jason. Okay, technically this is part of the community. But it goes a step beyond.
  3. The privilege to watch Jason do business. Jason probably doesn’t know this, but I get more value from watching Jason do business than I do from him explaining how he does business.

Reason #1: The Community

The community of BMFers is a majestic unintended benefit. It is by far the most valuable aspect of BMF. And it's precisely because of the unintended nature of this benefit that it is able to be so beneficial.

Any time you have a question, it's answered. Any time you want somebody to check out your new project, it's checked out. Anytime you just want to shoot the breeze, the breeze is an easy target.

This couldn't happen intentionally. Imagine trying to create an online community of people who wanted to promote their own businesses. OMG THAT WOULD BE THE FREAKING WORST! Spam central.

But as a byproduct of something bigger it works beautifully. You have a highly talented pool of pre-vetted (nobody is shelling out $2k unless they truly want to be there) creative entrepreneurs spread out over a whole ton of different disciplines.

The same $2k that serves as pre-vetting also serves as motivation to make the most out of the community. When you drop $2k on something, you're not going to waste it. So you have a medium-sized group of highly engaged, highly awesome, highly helpful people.

It's the best.

Reason #2: Access to Jason

Jason and I have exchanged 8,055 words over Slack private messenger. And that's been the minority of our communication.

Jason makes himself available to BMFers on an insanely regular basis. As in, 10 hours per day kind of regular. There are new conversations popping up in the private BMF Slack channel all the time, and Jason gets involved in those conversations more times than not. Offering praise, giving feedback, or just inserting weird emojis (you'll come to appreciate Jason as a pretty goofy fellow).

In my specific examples below I'll explain just how involved Jason has been in my life since I took the BMF plunge. But it's not just me. That's how he treats people in the BMF community.

He cares like crazy. About all of us and about each of us. I know that he does, because it'd be an impossible facade to keep up for as long as he has. The dude is talented in many ways, but the empathy that he has for others is, I think, what takes him and BMF over the top.

Reason #3: Watch Jason

You can watch Jason do business whether you buy his future or not. He has a free blog and a free newsletter. His social media channels are open to the public. And you can learn a ton just from these free resources.

But it's not the same as having a true look at what happens behind the scenes. Not only do BMF members get first access to his projects and sneak peeks during his building phases, but we also get to see first-hand how he treats the people who pay him money and how he builds relationships.

This is the one area of this post where I'm not going to go into detail. If you buy Jason's future I'm almost positive that you'll be surprised at how well you're treated. But it's not my place to ruin that surprise.

3 Specific Examples of Buy My Future Awesomeness (In less than six months)

It’s easy to say that the BMF community provides wicked value. It does, on a daily basis. I wish I could quantify or explain the complete value that it brings. But that's hard. And I don't have that kind of brain power right now. So instead I’ll highlight only a few specific examples.

Specific Example Benefit #1

In October Jason tweeted my post about leaving my 9-5 job and said some crazy nice things to me in Slack about that post. This didn’t help me in any measurable way, but it was my first freak-out moment where I was like “OMG Jason just tweeted my thing!” I turned to [name=Sarah], my wife, and told her that I thought BMF might have been a very good decision. Not because of this tweet itself, but because of what the tweet represented.

Specific Example Benefit #2

In January I launched an accountability website called imgoing.to. Jason praised it both privately and publicly, and he also talked with me for pages upon pages on Slack about things he thought were perfect about the site and also about ideas he had to make the site better.

Jason Zook tweeting imgoing.toJason imgoing.toHe also created a group goal for the BMF community and blasted it to the entire BMF mailing list. BMF members represented 49 of the site’s first 70 users. And over half of them were still using the site a month later, which was the duration of the goal. I received pages worth of feedback from the community, complimenting my work but also suggesting things that could work a little differently. Many of them shared the site on various social media channels. And Jason offered to submit the site to ProductHunt on my behalf when I feel that it’s ready for the big stage.

Jason promoting imgoing.to

Specific Example Benefit #3

Earlier this month Jason and I had a 91 minute Skype call. 6 of those minutes were us shooting the breeze. 1 minute was talking about his projects. 84 minutes were talking about my projects.

We discussed each of my eight projects in detail, with Jason giving me brutally honest advice about each. In a good way. That conversation resulted in me listing one of my projects for sale, tabling two of my projects for optional later consideration in case money ever gets tight, and scrapping two of my projects entirely.

Now I have three active projects, with plenty of energy and vision for each. Jason was able to get me to admit to myself that I didn’t actually want to be doing some of these projects, but was just doing them because I felt like I should. That’s something that I’d known subconsciously for months, but he made it conscious.

Immediately after our call, with newfound clarity fresh in hand, I started drafting the most-in-depth sales page in the history of the world (probably not true). And in typical fashion, Jason read it and commented on it.

Jason pickmonitor

These are not all of the examples!

I could literally (and I hate incorrect uses of that word) talk to you for days about the benefits of Buy My Future. About how Jason has helped me personally, and about how other members of the community have helped me. But there exists a happy middle-ground between brevity and completeness, and I'm trying to find that middle-ground.

Disclaimer: This Isn’t a Shortcut

After listing all of those benefits, I feel it’s necessary to point out that buying Jason’s future is not a shortcut. It’s not a $2,000 advertising platform to which you can just show up and have your business take off. You still have to be creative. You still have to put in the work. Nobody is going to help you if you don’t deserve help.

I’m not promising that Jason will promote your stuff or get on 91 minute Skype calls with you if you buy his future. It’s a solid foot in the door, but you still need to open the door the rest of the way.

If you put in the work, BMF will take you from good to awesome, or from awesome to world-freaking-class. But if you expect to take these leaps without putting in the work? Well then you're an idiot, and I'd prefer you never visit my blog again. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

The Real Real Real Reason that I’m 100% Confident that You Should Buy Jason Zook’s Future

This post sounds more like the in-person version of me than any other post I've ever written. And that's big time. Because properly conveying my voice is something that I dump boatloads of time into. And despite all of that time and effort my posts never sound exactly like I sound in real life.

But this post does. And the weird thing is that I didn't dump boatloads of time into this post. Not even a single jetski of time, in fact.

I don’t write Amazon product reviews. Or Yelp reviews. Or Google reviews. But here I am, not only writing a review of Jason Zook and his future, but glowing in the process. And this just so happens to be the easiest thing I've ever written. That's not a coincidence, dear reader.

$2,000 is a lot of money to spend on something that’s value is hard to see. I get that. And trust me when I say that buying Jason's future was not an easy decision for me six months ago. It was a hell of a struggle of a decision, in fact. And I know that it won't be an easy decision for you, either. But I'm so, so glad that I took the chance. And I think the same will hold true for you.

Thanks for reading. And just for fun, here's a gif of Jason being an idiot. This is the picture he has on his 404 page by the way. Like I said, it's a pleasure to watch him do business.

Okay that is all. Buy Jason and Caroline's Future Right Now!!!

Just kidding. One last thing. But that is all, I promise.

Jason went from Superstar to Peer

Six months ago I looked at Jason Zook like a living god. Now I don't. Now I look at him like a peer. And that was all Jason's doing. He's the reason that I'm as confident as I am today. And he's the reason that I have the clarity and vision in my business that I do today.

Jason, I know you're going to read this, so truly: thank you for everything that you have done for me over the past six months. It's made a bigger impact on my life than you could probably every know. Consider this post just one tiny way of saying thank you.