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Chapterless Thoughts A notepad for things I haven't gotten around to talking about or doing yet.

Last Updated: Sep 2, 2017

The title of this page is not trying to be cute. This is an actual notepad. The notes herein are out of order, incoherent, and have no structural integrity to them. That’s why they’re not just notes.

But I have to keep notes somewhere, so I might as well do it here for all to see.


  • Should Frustrations and Ideas be same chapter?

Ferriss and Ramit Sethi

Don’t be afraid to do something that’s not scalable. Maybe even strive for that. By doing so it will therefore become exclusive. If it’s not a scalable it will have no choice but to become exclusive. And that exclusivity will some day come in handy. Even if it seems like a problem, which it might be, it’s a good problem to have.

“take people out to coffee, it’s the best investment you can make.” - Ramit

Reach out to (not super super famous) people and ask for help. Ask for something specific and keep it short. Buy them coffee, it’s the best investment you could ever make. Then follow up two weeks later after you’ve given it some time and when you have something to say, but don’t stay in touch for the sake of staying in touch. Give it space.

Tim Ferris and Vince Vaughn

What would my hypothetical children think about this business?

I was listening to episode 243 of the Tim Ferriss show. Vince Vaughn was explaining his childhood and talking about the positive impact that his father’s business had on him. Then Tim asked Vince what his dad’s business was.

That was like “whoah”. Some day I might have a kid. What would that kid think of me and what I’m doing? I think that’s a valuable thing to think about while evaluating business ideas.

Do I want to tell my kid how I built an audiobook app for iOS? Or do I want to tell my kid that I changed the way X do Y.

What will help me beyond the scope of the project?

Later in the above show Vince asked Tim how he chose which ventures to pursue. Tim responded that he chose the project that would allow him to develop new skills and relationships that would last beyond the project, even if the project failed.

Change the World

Is there more to life than growing my email list, doubling conversion rates, and earning six figures?