If I Get to It, I Get to It

Guest post by Sarah Griffith.

Be Present. This is the motto that I set for myself this year. Stop thinking ahead, focus on the now.

As my husband has embraced living intentionally, this is the part that I have latched onto. Pay attention to him instead of playing on my phone. Do what I can at the moment instead of stressing about the future. Engage with the person in front of me instead of multi-tasking.

At this very moment, my husband and I are with his family on a ski trip in Mammoth Lakes, California. I am sipping hot chocolate (my drink of choice), having just gotten back from a yoga class (75 minutes in duration, way more than the 10 minutes per day I normally strive to commit to), and thinking about the day ahead.

Leading up to this trip, we have been in a whirlwind of preparation; to put our condo on the market; to make changes in our life so we can be where we want to. Because of these choices, the past three weeks have been a whirlwind.

This is also the first vacation we have taken in years that I have not planned, so I went into it with no expectations. That is a nice feeling. Just a vacation. I had goals to go for runs, practice yoga, and enjoy staring at the mountains, which is when I feel my most zen.

Still on East Coast time, Patrick woke up early this morning, got on his computer, and started to do work. He had changes to make to a website, and a blog post to write for today. As the rest of the family awakened, he put his computer away. We all drank coffee and conversed. From his demeanor I could tell that he had not accomplished what he wished to. However, I was proud of him for spending the time with the family, instead of finishing the blog post just because he had a deadline to meet.

Over the past couple of days, I have met my goal of being present on this trip, my interpretation of my husband’s “living on purpose”. I have woken up early to run on the beach prior to a long car ride. I have walked barefoot into a store for the first time. I have watched Disney movies in the car with my husband’s sister-in-law. I have focused on the moment that I am in.

I look forward to reading the posts Patrick writes each week. He is very deliberate with his words. When he writes I know that it is something that he has put a lot of thought and care into. For this reason I always look forward to my birthdays, knowing that in the card he will write a note that expresses his emotions in a way that I don’t get very often the rest of the year.

So that he can live on purpose today, skiing the slopes with his father and his brother, I offered to write a guest post. The extent of my writing is in journals. I prefer that term to "diary". It is a way for me to clarify my feelings, and often the starting point for my husband and I to communicate when we have something important to discuss or a disagreement.

As he left to go skiing, I told him “if I get to it, I get to it” in terms of writing a post. If inspiration struck me - if it fit into my day - I would write. In being present in the moment today, writing this post helps me reflect on making the most of the time we have: the time for just the two of us on this trip, what I want to do on this trip, and where I want to be in life.

So find your zen... today mine is a combination of writing, running, yoga, warm drinks, hopefully a surprise snowball fight with my husband, and staring at the mountains.

Be Present.