INTRODUCING For one life only

Pat “Silly Sausage” Griffith

(Tom gave me this nickname. He swears it’s not phallic.)
Pat Griffith likes dinosaurs.

Internet Entrepreneur

Pat Griffith loves coding.

Runner of 100 miles AT A TIME (FML)

Pat Griffith loves running.

Naked Rider of Bikes

Pat Griffith loves naked bike riding.

Puller Upper

Pat Griffith loves pullups

Chaser of Frisbees

Pat Griffith loves frisbees.

Efficient Rejuvenator

Pat Griffith loves naps.

Unapologetic Feeler of Emotions (and writer of poems to express those emotions)

Pat Griffith loves emotions.

Wearer of Stupid Hats (and maker of stupid faces)

Pat Griffith loves stupid hats.


Pat Griffith loves nature.
Hurry Now. Hurry Fast. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. While Supplies Last.
The universe granted Pat with an abundance of energy… and then sat him behind a keyboard where he couldn’t use it all.
Sucks for him. But his pain… is your gain because…
Pat has decided to share his unused energy with THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!
So if you’re a creative human who needs a little nudge. Perhaps some love and permission for your creativity to budge. If you’re an amazing unicorn with work to do Pat built something just for you.   If you feel pressured to conform like you’re being held back. But you’ve got a gift in your heart that you’re ready to unpack. If you want to unleash the snowflake you are Click the button below to find your true star.
Click MEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Or reach out and say hi. I don’t have an email list and I don’t use social media... but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t talk! Contact me and we’ll have a 1-on-1 conversation like actual humans!