I make websites and do other stuff, too. Give me money and I’ll make your life better.

I make websites and do other stuff, too. Give me money and I’ll make your life better.

My name is Pat Griffith. Figured I should mention that toward the top of the page somewhere. Moving on...

I propose two truths for your review.

First, my life would be better if you gave me money. For proof please follow this link to its culmination. I will then send you a gif of me dancing, which is the universal symbol of a life bettered.

Second, your life would be better with my assistance. You probably don’t believe this yet. Hence the rest of this page. I’ve broken my argument into digestible sections for ease of consumption. Sort of like a résumé.

Have you ever filled out the "describe yourself" part of an online dating profile? Ugh. This is sorta like that. Not the most fun thing to do, but it has to be done. Prepare to be peacocked.

Current Projects

Lite Talk

A stupidly simple Intercom alternative that I built because I was tired of paying for Intercom.

Nomadic Freelancing

I’m currently in Wrocław doing some PHP, JavaScript, and design freelance work for a client in Colorado.


A grossly-ambitious project that I’m wickedly excited about but not ready to talk about because I’m scared that if I talk about it I might lose my motivation to build it.

Noteworthy Things of the Past


Degrees don’t define developers. But because some people care: In 2009 I graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Computer Science. This proves that I can drink heavily and still complete menial tasks. Yay me.

Pick Monitor

Where it all started. This was the playground where I learned how to code, how to design, how to copywrite, etc. I started building this in 2010, and kept at it until I started with Deal Catcher in 2013.

After 2013 I still made occasional tweaks, but mostly just let it run itself. Then in 2017 I sold the site for $75,000 USD. Not a ton of money, but enough to make me feel cool. Financially, given the truly passive nature of the income, it would have made more sense to keep it. I’m not very financially driven, though, and it was more important to me to get the site into the hands of someone who cared about its future. Plus I wanted a fresh start, and that’s not a line of business I cared to be in anymore.

Sev One

My first real job. I applied for three different jobs, got three interviews, and got three offers. Two of those interviews gave me a programming test and then told me that I got the highest ever score. Which - because I did not ace those tests - makes me think that either a) not as many people apply for jobs as I think, b) the average candidate must be really awful, or c) they feed every good candidate that same line in an effort to boost the ego.

I made it about six months before realizing that companies with ~35 employees are too corporate for me. Learned a lot of PHP and JavaScript during those six months, and also a lot about project management, version control, etc.

Mad lingering props to Sev One. This is where I developed my affinity for frisbee sports. We played Ultimate every week, and still to this day it’s my favorite. Thanks!


A 6-person web development agency in Philadelphia. My brain needed a reason to justify moving to Philly so in 2012 I got a part time job here for a few months. I had expectations of splitting my time between design and development, but instead I was a WordPress drone. I didn’t like it. I left. But not before getting super good at ping-pong. The owner of the company has since sold it.

Side note: I met Adam here. And Adam is one of the greatest people in the world. #worthit

Argilla Brewing Co

The website itself isn’t notable. In fact it’s a touch ugly after years of WYSIWYG edits done by brewmasters. It’s still my favorite site to talk about, though. Why? Because I charged $0 for it, and karma paid me tenfold.

  1. Argilla gave me years of free craft beer and half-priced food! They even special-brewed a keg of beer for my wedding and then refused to let me pay for it. Awesome people. If you’re ever in Newark, Delaware I highly recommend their Hopicana Black IPA.
  2. See next.

Deal Catcher

I came on board in 2013 as a freelancer. The owner contacted me because he was friends with the owner of Argilla Brewing Co and liked their new site.

I really freaking liked the environment (8 people mostly playing video games), and I liked the idea of some stability in my life for a change, so a few months later I asked if they’d want to hire me full-time. They said "yes".

On my first day the site looked like this. When I left in 2016 it looked like this (and hasn't changed since). And of course it looked good on mobile, too, when I was done. But it’s 2018. I’d love it if we could stop bragging about our ability to build responsive websites.

There were a few versions of that site that I think the universe would agree were prettier than what’s live now. But prettiness is not the goal of web design. The version that’s live now is the one that performed the best, so it’s the one we went with.

Cool group of people, but it turns out that I’m unable to stick with things for more than three years. So I bounced. Much love. ✌️

Thanks to a flexible boss and the nature of small teams this was the biggest learning segment of my career.

  • Learned Swift (for the iOS app I made) and Ruby on Rails.
  • Meaningful data set (4+ million pageviews per month) allowed me to architect and run lots and lots of split tests.
  • Learned more than I ever cared to know about SEO and UX.
  • Started programming the right way, .e.g. by using npm for compiling assets and SCSS for making life amazing.
  • Got wayyyy better at UI design, and built some solid Sketch skillz.

WHAT I Am (and am not)

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing suggests that you share your bad qualities first when making a pitch. It makes you more relatable and makes the reader trust you, thereby making your good attributes believable. Does this tactic still work if the reader is told about it? Not sure.

A Good, Affordable Developer

My rate (see below) is not crazy expensive, but still it’s a price that only makes sense if you’re using me for my full potential. My full potential is not as strictly a developer. There are tons of developers with far better technical skills that charge far less.

It’s my combination of skills and my personality that make me valuable. If you strictly need a developer and you don’t need any ingenuity... you’d be wasting money by hiring me.

Android/Windows Developer

Never done it. Totally could do it (kinda like how I never built an iOS app until I did). But it would take longer than someone who already knows how.

Graphic Designer

I’ve tried. It’s not a thing for me. Not gonna happen. I’m pretty good at finding free (and royalty free) resources on the web, though.

Mr. Consistent

It’s something that I'm getting better at, but it deserves fair warning. Life sometimes distracts me. If we work together for long enough you’ll eventually lose me for a few weeks at a time to a woman or an adventure or a different project. I’m not proud of this, but it’s just my life. On the plus side I’m VERY open about things like this.

Full-stack Web Developer

I’m a front-end developer AND a back-end developer at the same time. WHAT?!?!?! Do I get a cookie? A gluten-free one?

I have expert-level skills in PHP, Swift, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I tend to build sites on top of the Laravel framework because it’s awesome, but that’s not a requirement. I’ve done plenty of work with WordPress and with custom frameworks as well.

At various points in my life I knew C++, Python, and Ruby on Rails, but I haven’t used any of those in quite some time so there’d be a slight learning curve to get those skills back.

I must also point out that I’m a (nice, quick,) fantastic learner. I can learn any language if needed. Though that would be on your dime, so it would only make sense in niche scenarios.


I make pretty websites that are easy to use. And I need to emphasize that THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!

The best design is the one that best accomplishes your goal(s). Prettiness is a part of that. Ease of use is a part of that. Speed is a part of that. But none of those things is enough on its own.

There’s something you want people to do when they come to your site. If your web designer isn’t actively optimizing for that thing... get a new designer.

iOS and Mac OS Developer

The first and only iOS App I ever made has a 4.7 star rating. Yeah. Suck it! Or don’t suck it, but instead take it as proof that I can learn new programming languages (and other skills) and make things that people like.

I also made a Mac OS app one time but never published it. It’s basically the same process.


People sometimes compliment my writing. Other times they don’t. I won’t expand upon that because there are lots of words on this page. Enough for you to decide whether my fingers† can melt hearts or not.

†Strictly talking about typing on keyboards, folks. My other finger-related skills are not relevant here.

Malleable Human

During a bromantic heart-to-heart my best friend once said to me "dude, you make incredible life choices." (Choosing him as a best friend is one such example 😁.) It’s because of my confidence in these choices that I prefer to live life situationally. That is, I prefer to assess each situation as it comes up rather than living by permanently fixed rules.

My freelancer rate is $125/hr. I'm happy to accept that, and I'm equally happy to accept anything else that makes sense.

Maybe that means a little equity in your project in exchange for a lower rate. Maybe it means full-time employment 🤢 for a short stint. Maybe it means free room and board in an exotic paradise.

It all depends on the situation. And obviously the more I like you and your project the more I’m willing to bend myself.

Liver of Life

Yesterday I sat down in 24B, turned to my right, smiled, and started chatting. Within 15 seconds Tommi in 24C said "you look like you love life." I do!

It’s not all gravy. I have my moments. Moments of being lost, feeling impossibly alone, being scared, feeling like nothing matters, etc. Those moments suck. But they pass. And when they pass it’s in their wake that I’m able to gain a broader perspective and live a more fulfilling life.

I like to do things. In the past year I’ve run a 100-mile ultramarathon, solo-trekked in Nepal for 28 days, got divorced, cried in the shower a lot, rode my bike naked in public, hired a therapist, did a few drugs, kissed a few guys (I’m straight), and have been traveling the world out of a 33 liter backpack for the past 10 weeks (and counting).

These things make me interesting. But more importantly they make me empathetic. They broaden my perspective of the world.

Every developer can build something to spec. But can your developer see the final product while he's building it, know that the specced implementation is going to frustrate users, and then have the courage to say something about it?

How I’ll Make Your Life Better

Near the top of this page I told you that "your life would be better with my assistance" and that I’d try to convince you of as much. Yet none of the next 2,000 words touched upon anything of the sort. So in this section I’ll outline all the ways in which that can happen.

Just kidding.

Without knowing who you are or what you need it’s impossible to tell you how I’ll make your life better. All I can do is show you who I am in hopes that you think I’m the type of person that can make your life better.

Hopefully I’ve done that. Hopefully I’ve convinced you that I’m not your average developer.

If you need someone to neatly color between the lines I’m not your guy. But if you need someone creative, independent, and willing to break a few rules and take a few chances... yeah. Click here to say hi.

tl;dr Compared to the average developer I’m far more energetic, far more empathetic, and have a far broader skillset. Contact me if you understand the value in that.