Hey! I'm Pat Griffith.
I write software while traveling.

Half Coloradan. Half nomad. Full oxymoron. Traveling, writing software, and LIVING. I write about my life because it helps me. Maybe it will help you, too. But probably not.

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Sometimes I write code.

I design and develop software projects to scratch (non-STD) itches that I have. And then I package that software in a pretty way that makes others want to use it, too.

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I also write words.

I don’t fit in, and I never know what I’m doing. That can be tough emotinally sometimes. So I write for therapy.

I write about cool stuff like travel and 100-mile runs. About entrepreneurship, coding, and web design. About health, life, and happiness. About divorce, dating, and love. About fear, insecurity, and running out of money.

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